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Take The Money Or Not?

Take The Money Or Not?

When money for a good cause comes from a disreputable source.......

A collegue under your supervision - working as a representative of your not-for-profit organisation - has been working closely with the police and community to better establish links with, and an understanding of, the local youth in your area. As a result they have mounted a major initiative to build a new community centre, with the main emphasis on youth entertainment and interaction. Local police have agreed to donate their labour and members of your organisation have agreed to help raise funds through several raffles, benefit nights, etc.

However, there turns out to be a major shortage of funding to get the initiative off the ground and there are very few available options to source more funding.

Your collegue is approached by a "colourful identity" who offers to donate all the money needed to fund the project. The potential donor is reputed to have been involved in criminal activity, although to your knowledge has never been found guilty of any crime. You are led to believe that he is seeking to "polish" his public image by being seen to do good.

Your collegue comes to you for advice.
- What are the issues?
- Who are the stakeholders?
- What should you do?
- What would you do?

Use the Think Screen to work out where you stand on this difficult issue. Do you agree or disagree?

Whatever you think please use as much free text as you can to explain your position.

Source of this case study: St James Ethics Centre.
It is proposed that the not-for-profit organisation should take the money from the disreputable source

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